Our production goes further to navigate the complexities of bullying. We explore how each individual has the capacity to bully, then propose substitute tools for dealing with both inner conflict and peer conflict.



It’s the last week of class for the students of Hope High School and a passionate young woman, Angel, tries to make a difference in her school by creating an Anti-Bullying Campaign. Presenting her idea to the Principal, she is met with objections and is disappointed with the decision that the project is not suitable for “their school”. Angel verbalizes her frustration to the Nerd in her next class, who she doesn’t realize has a crush on her. Her irritation has her venting that afternoon to her boyfriend, the star football player, and his bullying half-brother.

With the anticipation of graduation and summer break on the horizon, many of the students begin to plan their much needed time off. Yet, the Goth Girl and the Nerd of the school fight to get through their remaining days without verbal abuse from their classmates.

Several seemingly un-related events come together in a tragic way to weave a series of actions that teach the true meaning of life and how important it is to fight for your dreams. We experience how the choices of a few people can consequently change the lives of many… forever. This inspiring and uplifting play will pull no punches to reach the core of this issue.

It is about the kids.

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Patrons receive tips on how to address the issues dealt within the play along with links to websites and telephone numbers to national call centers.



Bullying is the most common form of violence. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. More than 160,000 students stay home from school each day from fear of being bullied.

Don’t Bully Me, is a musical stage play that addresses the issue. Delivering an anti-bullying message in a manner that is relatable to middle and high school students.

We align ourselves with partnerships that help to address the issue. In every city, we garner the support of Stars from the Entertainment Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the school board, civic organizations, and local media partnerships.

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