Witness our powerful theater production with your students. Give us the opportunity to teach anti-bullying techniques in an engaging way. To organize appearances at your school. Email us at: info@dontbullymetour.com


We align ourselves with partnerships that help to address the issue. In every city, we garner the support of Stars from the Entertainment Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the school board, civic organizations, and local media partnerships. Actress, KeKe Palmer and the National “Oath Project” are committed in supporting our efforts.

 Event Activities Students are transported from school to the theatre as a field trip. Teachers are given a curriculum that encourages dialog about their experiences upon their return. “We draw students into an environment that encourages education and fosters dialog.”



We are inspiring the Nation to Step Up!” We gain exposure by strategically targeting Consumer and Lifestyle outlets that are woven into the youth oriented crises of bullying. Therefore, gaining news coverage and exposure that we associate with our corporate partners in our efforts to address this issue. We leave positive lasting impressions on the lives of others. Outlets will include New Media, TV, Radio, and Print.



This show gives us an opportunity to invest in a solution that answers those, cries to help. Dedicated to giving back to the community, cast members will visit Boys and Girls Clubs, classrooms, and other facilities in an effort to engage in conflict-resolution conversations with youth.




Cedric Pendelton

Cedric Pendleton is a seasoned actor, who has developed his craft through series, television and theatre. Pendleton’s history with independent series is well noted by his body of work, which includes starring roles in several features: Madea’s Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and Runaway Jury. His television credits include some of the top shows on the small screen; he worked on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” and HBO’s “True Blood.” As an Executive Producer, for Footprint Entertainment, LLC, Pendleton has created touring concerts, stage plays with Tyler Perry, and festivals with some of the hottest recording artists and performers in the business. He has produced nationally sponsored intellectual properties and controlled all ancillary revenue streams. He is also co-creator of several religious shows and events, the latest of which was televised to 3.1 million households. “All I Want,” a feature film that was released into Wal-Mart Stores Worldwide, was his Producer debut. Don’t LLC will rely upon Mr. Pendleton’s reputation, expertise, and relationships to attract and engage key people to the production, post-production, distribution, and marketing team.


Pete Key

Pete Key is the CEO of Ole Pete Key, Inc. which provides educational, motivational, and inspirational products and services for people to unlock their potential and determine their destiny. Ole Pete Key meets people “where they are, the way they are,”   educating and motivating them to get to where they are going in life. He uses music, drama, poetry, comedy, motivational speeches and teaching to convey profound yet practical principles. The company is comprised of a staff of educators, motivators, counselors, administrators, musical artists, teachers, musicians, and graphic artists. Pete’s company transcends race, religion, color, social-economic backgrounds and addresses core issues that people face daily. As previously noted his performing arts company performed before over 75,000 students each year for the past ten years and have sold DVDs after each performance.


C. Randolph Whitsett

A victim of bullying throughout high school, he has been writing for over a decade. “This is the hardest and most important play that I ever wrote. It was twenty years ago that I was bullied and I realized that I still haven’t healed. I’ve always wrote for other people, but this one ended up being a letter to that young kid inside of me.”



Our sponsorship program is designed to provide benefits that generate a strong ROI. Opportunities include product integration, branding giveaways, and logo inclusion. To become a sponsor email us at: info@dontbullymetour.com or call: 774 264-DONT (3668)



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